Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Things We Have Learned -Illness

1.  If you aren't feeling well, a 40ft boat suddenly feels like a 20ft boat and shrinking.
2.  If you aren't feeling well on what feels like a 20 ft boat, and your trying to rest and get better, sharing that very small space can be.....challenging.  EVEN if it is with the love of your life/best friend/ life partner and all around terrific person!  They are a always there doing really irritating things like......breathing
3.  If you aren't feeling well on what feels like a 20 ft boat with someone who is breathing, you yourself can become a real to be around.  Even you don't want to be around you.
4.  People who fly into the Caribbean on holiday bring germs.  Bad, get sick type germs.  They may not know it.  In fact, they probably don't because they are immune.  They may not even be sick, just "worn out/jet lagged" for a few days.  But take warning......they have land cooties!  
5. Cruising the Caribbean the past 7 months, we have NO immunity to land cooties!  None!  
6.  New strategies develop for coping with the above.

Being sick on land, in a house, you develop patterns on how to deal with it.  Some people like to be alone.  Some like pampering by others.  Some people sleep non-stop, while others set  up camp on the couch or in a favorite chair in front of the tv.  All sorts of get well methods are employed from the reasonable like - rest, liquids, and meds, to middle of the road - chicken noodle soup, Vicks and steam, to borderline superstitious - cod liver oil taken while wearing your grandmothers quilt and hang in your head off the bed upside down!  Moving onto a boat full time means developing new patterns and habits including those used to deal with when you are not 100%.  Many of the old methods simply won't work......super long, hot, steamy shower - no.  Hot bath- no.  Very short shower in closed up, hot head -yes.  Camping out in front of the tv - no.  Movies on laptop - ok as long as the power holds out. Sending someone out for that special, feel better craving of pop/juice/food- no.  Having spare feel better juice/soup/pop stashed away- possible....if you don't use it.  Think about when you are sick.  What special habits have you developed to help you deal and get better?  While cruisers don't traditionally get sick (as in cold/flu) as often as land people, it still happens occasionally.   

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  1. Ooh, this sounds awful! We experienced the lack of immunity to tourist germs in Belize, even tho we weren't cruising. We both got numerous colds -- and normally we almost NEVER get colds. Have not gotten one since returning to the US in March 2013, but had at least four in Belize in 18 months, for example. But at least we could pamper ourselves in our condo. Cannot imagine doing that in a boat. Hope whoever is sick feels much better soon and you don't both get it at the same time -- that's the WORST.