Wednesday, May 21, 2014


If you will remember, we skipped Martinique on the way down so we could catch Jazz Fest.  Friday, May 16th we sailed into Le Marin and dropped anchor on the north side near an interesting floating dry dock.
The guidebooks call Le Marin the yachting Capitol of the Caribbean and I believe it.  There are easily 3000+ sailboats here - not counting St Anne.   The marina reminds us of Marina Del Ray only slightly smaller.  And cats.......OMG!  I have honestly never seen so many cats in one place in my life.  Apparently the French love cats and flock here to charter them for holidays.  Tons of charter companies I've never even heard of.  
The French also seem to be crazy over metal boats.  Ever 5th boat is either a hard chen boat or aluminum (- that AL-u-mini-um for you British readers).
Le Marin feels very....European vs Caribbean.  This is reflected in the tiny European cars, the traffic (there is so much more), the way the people dress and the buildings.  The two big grocery stores are very French, jam packed with yummy French treats for low prices - cheese, olives, baguettes, coffee, chocolate, wine, cheese (oh, I said that already)etc....  

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