Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jazz Fest - Sunday's Main Stage Event

We decided to spring for tickets and actually attend Sunday's final show.  They tickets were $80 each but that was for a full day of music and fun that included 7 different artist on the main stage, a second stage with various acts, along with cultural and vendor booths and food booths.  OH...the food booths.  SOoo much good food.  It was hard to choose and hard to stop.
Monty Alexander on the main stage

It started at 14:00 and ran until approximately 12:30am.  We arrived about 14:45.  You could take in chairs, blankets, coolers and food.  The only restriction was no glass bottles!  Read that again!!!  Yes, we were allowed to take in pretty much anything we wanted - like the old days of concerts festivals in the USA.  *I so miss those days.  And you know what.....there wasn't one single problem that we could see.  On the contrary, people brought blankets and chairs and some brought in drinks of their own.  But many, many, purchased food and beverages there throughout the day.  I would say over well over 50% of the people.  Why?  Food was were super yummy - made by someone's mom AND reasonably prices. What a concept!  Price food and bevs at a reasonable price and concert goers will buy!   *Ok - I am now stepping down off my soapbox.
Pan band on the second stage

Carnival girl contest on the second stage.  Oh la la.
Concert attendees were from all over the world.  There were many people from other Caribbean islands and tons of people from England and specifically London.  So many that I wonder if there wasn't some sort of special Jazz Fest package vacations from London.  And everyone was dressed to the nines.  I mean to tell you decked out!  75% of all the women had dresses or skirts on.  The men were dressed up too.  We looked pretty sorry in our standard, salt stained cruising gear.  
Full rainbow came out and a second started to form
It drizzled at times but no one left.  People just put up their umbrellas until it stopped.  We don't have umbrellas so we used our K-State stadium blanket to keep the sprinkles off us.

I am going to let Tom give you the details on the artist line up and music specifics in a separate posting but I will say we enjoyed it.  We stayed until the very end, including two encores by Maxwell.
Commodores and their band The Mean Machine
**Special thanks to Paul off s/v Sonic Boom for letting me use his folding cockpit chair.  It saved me and let me enjoy the whole show.  Thank you SOOOO much!!!
Commodores gett'in after it!

Age aside, they still had some moves!

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