Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sailors Philosophy

Tom and I get a substantial amount of boat porn in the form of monthly sailing magazines. Five are delivered each month to our home. Several others come in the form of email newsletters. Unfortunately we only get one copy of each of the magazines so the trick is to beat the other sailor in the house to the mail slot and get the newest boat porn first each month. We devour each page whether it's an article on sailing to St Kitts in the Caribbean, an equipment review, or how to re-wire your new bilge pump. Even the ads are fun to read...Boat for sale, charter to Greece, marina for sale, and so on. The October 2009 issue of Cruising World celebrated 35 yrs of publication at the magazine A magazine for non-racing sailors and arm chair sailors. Quite an accomplishment in the world of publishing. The are some terrific articles by and about many legends of the sailing community. However the below quote came from the editors log. I think it fits the time we sail in now.

"We live in a curious time, when circumstances way beyond our control have forced us all to shorten sail to some degree. Some of us have tucked in a reef; some have gone directly to the storm sails. But that's what sailors do. They learn to gauge the conditions, consult the forecast, re-chart their course from here to there, maybe pick a new destination and adjust their schedule as needed." Cruising World Editor Mark Pillsbury

Well said Mark.