Saturday, November 24, 2018

S2R - Well, We've Come This Far

November 24 2018

S2R = Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) Suzie Too Western Caribbean Rally.  Going forward I will refer to it as S2R. 

Well, We've Come This Far - is our own private theme.  As most couples do, we have little jokes and catch phrases that develop and stick.  We have been searching for a "theme" for this season.  The phrase "Well, we've come this far" kept popping up so why not use that! 

Why a theme at all?  Each day is an adventure but much like our trip to Guyana - Off The Charts, this season has a set route/schedule/goal, the S2R.  To keep things straight, I will labeling posts involving that with the S2R - Well, We've Come This Far

We are current anchored in Spaanse Waters Curacao.  We arrive a week ago, sailing back from Bonaire.  We came back just in time for the all imporant S2R info meeting.  It was a good meeting.  Leaders Suzanne and David did a bang up job.  *Did you see what I did there?  Testing out my international slang. A few government officials were there.  As well as the marina manager from Curacao Marine AND the manager of Shelter Bay Marina in Panama flew in to meet with us all.  Impressive!  Exciting as well.

Group one, something 47 boats left on Wednesday, sailing for Aruba.  We are in group two, the smaller group of 18 boats (I think) which is just fine with us.  It also seems to be the more international group.  We are only one of three American boats.  Also fine with us.  We like hanging with cruisers from other countries.  Not only do we learn about whatever country we are visiting, we learn from the cruisers we hang with about their country -traditions, songs, humor, government, culture and so on. 

We have a few more weeks before S2R2 (group two) sails out for Aruba.  In the mean time, we will play tourist here as we have not really explored Curacao from that aspect.  We will do S2R2 (group're getting this) social things like jams, beach parties and happy hours.  And of course continued boat prep and maintenance.  

Technology Test

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