Friday, April 13, 2018

OCC - In The Club

OCC burgee

April 2018
What is the famous line - "I don't want to belong to any club that would accept people like me as a member." - Groucho Marx

Actually, we are thrill.  We are in!  We are officially members of the Ocean Cruising Club, better known as the OCC.  We have been threatening to join for a couple of years now but just haven't gotten around to it.  Besides, it is not that easy.  There are rules and a process. 

To join the OCC you must have completed 1000 non-stop ocean miles.  Okay - check , we did that on our passage down from the USA in 2013.  AND we have a sponsor to join.  Someone to vouch for our character.  Oh dear.  Hee hee.  Actually, several cruising friends have encouraged us to join and offered to be our sponsors.  So many, it was hard to choose who to put as our sponsor.  But Richard and Rowena on sv Galene have been the most badgering.....I mean encouraging for us to join so Richard was our the one we chose.

We have yet to learn the secret handshake but I am sure that will come.  For now, we are proudly flying the OCC burgee thanks to OCC member Bill on sv Tootaloo.   

Martinique 2018 - The Land Of Cheese

KC own Boulevard Beer Tank 7 beer
April 2018
This pic is for sv Just Imagine
We are back in the land of cheese!  And wine, and pain du chocolate, and baguettes, and coffee, and cheese.  YES!  Also good chandleries.  This is the primary reason we came back here to stock up on provisions and also boat parts, spares and upgrades. 
Polde and Tom

Annika and Bruce on the hike

Of course we are also getting caught up with cruising friends.

Old friends - sv Tango (Stefan and Annika)  and sv Imagine (Kurt) - New friend sv Shiraz (Thomas)

Caliber 40 LRC - sv Honey Ryder and sv Lost Loon (Nancy and Mike)

And meeting new cruising friends. 


And exploring.
Bocce Ball
 And trying new things.  
Bocce Ball

It's all good.   
Bill (sv Tootaloo)

Another fabulous sunset

Bequia to Martinique 2018

Our St Vincent and Grenadines flag or what is left after two months

March 2018

After two terrific months in Bequia, we weighed anchor and sailed for Martinique.  It seems to us that Bequia has really taken their game up a notch or two.  I would encourage any cruisers to spend more time there.  I would encourage land people to make the extra effort and go visit Bequia.

It was a full moon - aka dark so we didn't sail straight through to Martinique like we had planned but inside stopped overnight in Rodney Bay St Lucia.  We pulled in after dark, put up our yellow Q - quarantine flag and left first thing in the morning.  There is a lot of theft against cruisers going on in St Lucia.  Until something is done to change that, we are choosing not to spend ANY money there. 
sv Imagine - our friend Kurt ahead of us

sv Imagine - our friend Kurt behind us 

We had a fantastic sail from St Lucia to St Anne Martinique, sailing the whole way.  We have never had the right wind angle to sail the whole way in from St Lucia.  What fun! 
Sundowners in St Anne Martinique