Monday, December 31, 2018

S2R2 - Well, We Have Come This Far - Santa Marta

Santa Marta water front 

December 31 2018
S2R2 looking sharp

S2R2 meeting

We are finding Santa Marta Colombia a very vibrant city.  I thought I would show you around.

We are staying in the IGY Marina.  This area is very famous for strong gale force winds.  The katabatic winds come screaming down the Sierra Nevada Mountains at night.  It is not uncommon to have winds in the 30's with gust in the 40's and 50's.  The other night it was howling.  I got up and turned on our instruments.  We had a gust of wind to 46 knots!  Nice to be in a marina when those winds kick up.  BTW - the marina staff is EXCELLENT!!!!  We have been treated SO well.
The Liberator Simon Bolivar

Writer Gabo Museum 

Being in the marina has allowed us to explore the city at will.  There are many Colombian's from other parts of Colombia here on holiday as well.
Proper coffee with sv Quicksilver


Fresh juice - Pic by Samantha Pettitt
Mangoes cut and ready to eat - Pic by Samantha Pettitt

There are lots of restaurants and food stands.  More than once, we've eaten our way up and down various streets here.  The prices are low.  Actually, it is just dirt cheap here in terms of food.  "Cheaper to eat out" has been the general consciences among the S2R2 boats.  Example:  full meal - soup starter, meat, rice, salad, beans, plantain, and fresh juice =$10US for both of us.  Street snacky food is really, really cheap.  And YES, we eat it.  No issues!!  Fresh street juices made from real fruit are $2US for both of us with endless refills.  You can just stand there next to the juice guy drinking as much as you want.
S2R2 boats enjoying the night life of Santa Marta

Sharon sv Quicksilver in the heart of it all

Not far from the marina, there are two or three streets that are pedestrian only.  They are several blocks long.  There is also a "square." This is the epicenter of action at night.  Locals and tourist alike, stroll these areas, enjoying diner, drinks, and live performers.
Tom enjoying the sounds of Funky Band

In regard to the last item, live performers.  We have seen a couple of different live street bands that are excellent and a young tumbling/break-dancing troupe.
Tumbling / break dancing troupe

The street art is kewl.

Along the waterfront near the marina, there are tons of street vendors selling hats, t-shirts, Colombia, woven purses and other tourist items.
Conga line off the party bus

Colombians on holiday - party bus
SO vibrant!!


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