Thursday, July 6, 2017

Alive and Well - Life is What Happens

Sunrise in le Marin Martinique

July 6th 2017
No, we are not dead.  Yes, we are still cruising.  Well....not at this exact moment but in general.  Why hasn't the blog been updated?  Lazy?  Yes.  Writers block?  Yes.  Life?  Yes.  What is the worn out phrase...."Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans."?  While that is not our normal mode of operation, we did get caught a bit in that this season.  But more later on that.

I personally blame social media.  When we closed up land life in May 2013, I caved and joined social media in the form of Facebook - ugh!  I very much have a love / hate relationship with it.  It has allowed me to stay connected with cruising friends carried around the globe on the winds of adventure and exploration, as well as re-discovering friends from years and years ago.  It also let's me check in with land peeps and even chat over coffee.  All good....for the most part.  *I personally find it weird how everyone is a "Friend" now but in reality we don't truly know many.  And whatever happened to the term "acquaintance"?  I like that term.  But I digress......The down side of social media for me is distraction and the nearly complete zapping of clear and often creative thoughts.  At least for me.  I do much of my initial writing on the blog early morning or even in the middle of the night.  However, no matter the time, someone I know is ALWAYS on Facebook, or has posted fun pics of the days adventures, or there is some interesting posts in various groups I follow, or funny jokes, or political (fake or not) topics.  SO much.... info/stuff/nonsense/crap that catches and distracts my attention.  I try to focus on writing but I get side tracked with a quick question to a cruising friend about anchoring where they are (and we are headed) or a hike later that morning or whatever, then BOOM....time has past by and all thoughts for a blogging are gone.

We are currently stateside for a visit.  While that usually means crazy, hectic and COLD (every retailer or public indoor space in the USA is 60 degrees which is Arctic cold to our Caribbean thinned blood!), I plan to re-focus, buckle down and get you all caught up on our adventures.  I miss blogging aka communicating (one sided) with you.

SO....please tune back in and always, thanks for following along.