Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lifeproof iPad Case - 4 Proofs

Big instructions right on the case itself
For my birthday earlier this month, Larry (the cat) and Tom got me one of these kewl cases for our iPad.  *And yes, poor Tom has to deal with both my birthday and our anniversary in one month.  However, he always handles them both like a champ.

These cases are amazing.  Water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof.  If you haven't seen them, you MUST check out the company video.  The CEO does some talking about the product and then promptly shows you how the cases can take water, dirt, snow and shock.  The shock is a bit of shock when watching as the CEO just drops the iPad while talking.  It's an OMG moment. 
Submersion test
I will confess that it took me a few mins to even figure out how to open it.  Hey, it didn't open easily and I was afraid I would break it before I even had a chance to use it.   I've done that before on a few items.
I used a jar to keep it submerged for 30 mins
I did read the instructions carefully and watched a You Tube video on how to start using the case...mainly because that was funny.  One of the first things you do is test to be sure it's water proof.
Drying off the outside - moment of truth....
Not with your iPad in there but a piece of plastic.  Submerge for 30 mins.
DRY inside
If you have installed everything correctly and closed it up right, it should be bone dry inside and ready to use.
Proper alignment is important each and everytime
The key is two, yellow rubber gaskets.  One on each side.  It was a bit weird at first having the screen exposed.  I had a screen protector on it previously.  And I have not felt the need to take it with me when I soak in the hot tub just to prove a point that it is water proof.  I did put it in the case for the last trip down to the boat as sort of test drive.  I hope to never really HAVE to test it in accidentally dropping it or putting it where Mother Nature can test it....but on the other hand, life happens.
Leaves on the deck are the extent of my testing so far
It's been in this case ever since.  I like the feel of the case.   The rubber keeps it from sliding around on surfaces.  I like the toughness of it.  Various iPad charging cables fit differently.  One is very tight.  Another works easier.  My auto charger won't fit work at all.  After several weeks of use I can report two thumbs up so far.    

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stimulating the Economy One Sailboat at a Time

Our Sept ASA 101 Keelboat students bought this spunky C22
To date, Tom and I have had 6 sailing students buy 4 sailboats after taking sailing instruction from us.  That is 6 new sailors spending $$ on sailing gear related to these new to them sailboats.  We are very excited these individuals have joined the ranks of sailors plying the waters of areas lakes.
2011 student's have enjoyed a full season in their lovely Hunter
With all the political talk about the economy and promises on all sides to make it better, we are feeling pretty good about doing our part.  However we aren't even going to talk about our own economy stimulation in regards to s/v Honey Ryder.  At times, the register in my head it almost too loud....cha-ching! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

19 Years of Adventures

Fits on a 5 gallon bucket
Tom and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this week.  We decided no big "impact gifts" were necessary.  We would just cook a nice diner at home (steak and lobster) and relax.  Tom brought home some beautiful flowers for me.  Very nice!  I also decided to get a gift.  I looked up the traditional wedding anniversary gift for 19 years, it's something like bronze.  Hum?  I then decided something for the boat would be good.  Yeah, I could get something bronze but we already have a bell, clock and barometer.  Something useful and practical seemed like a better idea.
Handle screws on and off for easy storage
Then it hit me...a wringer.  What better gift to celebrating 19 years together than a wringer!  Get it?  As in "we have really been through the wringer."  Ha!  Actually, we will be using this as a clothes wringer.  I read on another cruisers blog how handy it was to have a wringer on laundry day.  It may not seem romantic but we think it's pretty kewl and are looking forward to testing it out.  We will let you know how it works. 
*By the way....have you ever looked up traditional and modern wedding anniversary wedding gifts?  Check the web.  First year paper,  second year cotton, third leather.  Leather?  WT???  There are some other weird ones in passing years.  So in reality a wringer isn't THAT weird of an anniversary gift is it?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Galley Nav Station Splash Guard

We have seen pics of other Calibers that add a splash guard of some sort in between the galley stove and nav station.  We like to eat.  I like to cook.  Cooking is messy at times.  It seemed like a really good idea.
Tom tried to get the plexiglass sourced locally in KC but most plastics places didn't want anything to do with a project this small.  He located a place on the internet and ordered a piece of 9x22 plexiglass 3/8" thick, bronze colored, with 2" radius on the top outer edge, 1/2" radius on remaining edges. 
Ready for install
We measured.  We eyeballed it.  We marked it and then we drilled the holes in the plexiglass.  We measured some more and eyeballed some more and then drill the holes for the cap bolts.  Boom!  Next thing you know, it was in.  "More bacon than the pan can handle!"
Galley side- cap bolts are key
We are very happy with the way this turned out.
What's for dinner?
We set it back a touch on the outer edge so it wouldn't be a catching point when climbing into the nav station in foulies.  Additionally, we didn't take it all the way up because we didn't want to block all breeze flowing through to the nav station.  Plus we wanted to be able to maneuver the fan in different directions. 
It passes the gimble stove test as well

Sunday, October 14, 2012

October Brunswick Cont - Fun

Blowing the cobwebs out of the outboard engine -zoom zoom
It wasn't all work.  While we didn't get any sailing in - this was primarily a working trip, we did bust out the dinghy and take it for a spin.
Nice sunset
Going, going, gone
We walked into downtown Brunswick to try Basil a new Thai and Sushi place.  Not bad.  They had only been open 1 month and were still waiting for their liquor license.  D-ho!  After we popped over to Tipsy McSway's for a couple of adult bevs.  They have their liquor license.
Local talent

Galley Faucet Repair - Part 1

NO easy way to get to it - sorry for  the blurriness
It has been leaking at the base for awhile now.  Lately it has been getting progressively worse.  Yank it out and repair it, right?  Yes, but being a boat, NOTHING is that simple.  Access is always a problem and it was a big obstacle on this repair.  Tom had to unhook the supply lines and cap them in order to even get to faucet. 
The right tool makes a ton of difference
While he was finally able to get it off with the help of a plumbers wrench, we decided an access panel from the backside would definitely be the way to go for any future repairs (my idea thank you very much).  Although, hopefully we won't have any future repairs.  Yeah right!  I will have to check with the Caliber owners group and see if anyone else has cut such a panel and how that worked.
The guts of the thing
Once it was off, nothing was glaringly wrong.  However the cartridge for the cold water seems suspect.  We will order a new one as well as extra O rings and a few other parts while we are at it...just in case.

For anyone else with this faucet (Grohe #31735 with Arabesk handles) , we used a 2x4 piece of wood and a whack on the base (upside down) to get the handles to pop off.
Striped down
So now we wait until we get the parts in.  I did the dishes in a bucket on the dock.  Ugh!

Propane System Repair

The stainless steel part was completely rusted and leaking
We discovered on our last trip that there was a leak in our propane system.  It was localized in the tank locker area so we continued to use it - carefully.  We just turned the tank off immediately after use and left the locker open to fully vent for a while after.  Additionally our tanks are located at the back of the cockpit with a vent hole in the bottom.  Tom started troubleshooting and soon discovered the culprit - a bad solenoid. 
Big difference
Off to West Marine - the FIRST trip of the week...( are you impressed that I was able to hold off this long?)  Luckily they had one.  Unfortunately it was $120 bucks.  Fortunately we had a West Marine gift card for $100 that we had been saving from my brother and sister in law.  *Never, ever underestimate the value of West Marine gift cards to sailors!  We LOVE them!! 
"What's for dinner tonight?"
 So we paid our $7.50, Tom installed it and we were able to eat that night without worry.   

Central Hardware in Brunswick GA

Two blocks from the marina
There is nothing like an old school hardware store.  Love these places! Finding one is like finding sea glass.  Usually there are hidden gems in amongst the standard items. 
Queue the heavenly music
The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable albeit quirky but in a kewl way.  Be sure to ask if you don't see what you need.  Chances are it might be "in back."

October Brunswick Continued - Cap10 Tom

Coffee and smoothies
I made a midnight run to Jacksonville to pick up my sailor man Tom.  Yay!  While I have gotten a lot accomplished this week so far by myself, I am much happier to have Tom here with me.  We arrived back at the boat around 1:30 AM so morning coffee was a bit later than it has been on previous mornings.  Later I treated him to some Georgia BBQ.  Check out this smoking rig.
Pulled pork sandwiches and fries - yum

October Brunswick Visit

Sailing lessons/club for local kids
Wednesday was filled with odds and ends chores but I did manage to get out for a stroll up and down the docks.  There are always so many good boat modification ideas discovered when walking the docks.
Lacking wind inside the marina this team used rocking method to get in
Ever eat at a Bonefish Grill?  See below.
That is a lot of Bang Bang Shrimp
  Four tenders.  Stack em and rack em.
  s/v Honey Ryder is much prettier.  She just IS!
Look at the water beading up on the newly waxed hull

Upside Down Grits

When I completed the waxing on the 3rd day, I was too tired to cook dinner so I opted for leftovers.  Behold Upside Down Grits.  Yes, I realize anyone reading this with southern blood is cringing at this but it was easy and just as yummy.  Reheating order and the desire for fewer dishes to wash up was the real cause...aka laziness.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wax Martyr

Like looking at a mirror
Yes, I am probably milking this a bit but doesn't she look fantastic?  The real lesson here?  Stay in school kids! 
Does anyone have a mirror?  Never mind!
And to Jessica who waxed our C30 Distant Drum, I am sorry you didn't charge more and I am sorry I didn't pay you more. 
Ooooh, shiny!

Nothing Waxing Poetic About Hand Waxing a Boat

Another breakfast of waxing champs
Day 3 of waxing - ugh.  But I am determined to complete this task.  Boat coffee and a smoothie rally me and I hit it hard.  The day is perfect, overcast to the point that no sunscreen or sunglasses are needed.  It was cool enough that I actually started with a light, long sleeve high- tech runners shirt (ha-those that know me are laughing that I have anything "running"....stuff works on boats too).  However I soon shed that. 
Can you see it? 
The starboard side via dinghy turned out to be the bitch I thought it would be using only the dinghy.  However s/v Honey Ryder and I  chatted along as I worked.  She didn't even make fun of my humming and singing to the tunes coming from the cockpit.  She's happy I am doing this.  So am I.  And then I look....can it be?  The stern of the boat?  OMG!  I am almost done.  Wax, wax, wax, go, go, go.   
Looking good

Done!  Ten hours of waxing alone.  Whew!
The tools
Holy crap - s/v Honey Ryder is covered in wax and so am I.  Do you think Madame Tussaud will take me?   

Portlight Shades - Modification

In the up position for maximum light
With the clouds and rain of the afternoon, there wasn't a lot of natural light coming in the closed portlights.....thus the nap.  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it! 
I measured in about 6" to 7" in from edge
I decided to modify the design to add an elastic piece to the underside of each so the cover could be held up even when the portlight is closed thus letting natural light in.
A little over an inch, I put a flame to each end to seal them a bit
The fabric I used for the shades is lightweight enough and yet has some structure so it will stand up a bit when raised. So just like the sailors on Columbus's ships, below in the dim light hand sewing, I sat hand sewing as well.
Port side shades get it sewn on right, starboard on the left
However unlike Columbus and his boyz, I was snug and comfie in s/v Honey Ryder with my halogen lights (no, we have not made the jump/investment to LED) while I jammed away to tunes on our kickass Fusion stereo.
Viola!  Light!
Oh yeah....and I am not swilling rum making up stories that I discovered a new continent unlike Columbus (never mind the explorers that were here before plus the Indians that lived here!)  *For the previous post on this project from the start, click Portlight Shades.