Friday, June 22, 2012

Sailing Terms

s/v Honey Ryder Cuban locker
Like everything else in life, sailing has it's own terminology.  Some of it very kewl sounding, Boom Vang is one of my favorites.  Some of the terminology is funny (ha ha) sounding which somehow causes it to take on a life of it's own depending on the company you hang with......and we hang with some really questionable characters that have terrific sense of humors.
Lazarette aka Cuban locker has developed into one of those hilarious words.  Of course there is a story behind it.  No, I am not going to tell it here.
Below is borrowed from one of my favorite blogs s/v Veranda.  ALL credit goes to them so cruise over to their blog and read the whole posting.  However....
" Lazarette is actually French for “screaming baby receptacle”. Just open up the lid, slip the screaming child inside amongst the fenders and docklines, close it up tight and the noise goes away."
Now that is funny stuff.  No, we don't have kids.  Why do you ask?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Leukemia Cup 2012 at Lake Perry Yacht Club

Official Flag
This was the first ever of this event on Lake Perry.
Skippers meeting
 There were 3 races on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.
Killer Sunfish sail
Winds were light for the first race but then built to a good breeze by afternoon.  There were other events as well.  Rain Gutter Races for the kids.  I suggested we set them back up late in the evening for the adults.  Good thing they didn't.  It could/would have turned ugly.
Pat testing the course
Cat vs Mono hull.  Yeah - one of many reasons I am a mono hull girl.
Pitch poll - Capsize!

Check out the winches on this one.
I bundled up all our old sailing porn (magazines) and try to sell those with only mild luck.  I guess the yacht clubers aren't into sailing porn like we are.  Strange - who doesn't like sailing porn?!  I was able to sell 4 of Charlene's book about her solo sail to Alaska via the inside passage.  *Posting soon to come on that.  She donated $8 to L Cup on each book sold. 
$5 for bundles of 5
The raffle prize was a Galaxy (tablet?) and Sprint HotSpot.  My good sailing sista Margie won!!
The Winner
"I won, I won"
Pancake breakfast each morning, lunch and dinner Saturday night were all part of the fund raising.
BBQ spread - YUM

And Beer - "Red Solo cup, I fill you up.  Red Solo cup, let's have a party."
Beer - YUM

 Then the band started to play
Sea Salt and Margie show us how it's done
Joan, Shirley, Margie - shaking their afts 
Sabrina and Charlene - cheers
Tim and Kim
Joan, Margie, Shelly - Sailin Sisters
The rest of the evening was spent dancing and such.  *For some reason the pics from later in the evening are a bit blurry and out of focus.    Humm??  "Red Solo cup, what caused this?" 
Besides the yacht club members, three yachts from LPYM came for the evening to join the fun for a good cause - s/v Patriot with crew Kim and Tim, s/v Split Wine with crew Kimberly and Michael, and s/v Rhapsody with crew Margie, Sea Salt and Misty.  Hopefully this will be the first of many joint events.
Pat and Craig - event leaders
Totals are still being added up but it looks like the event will have raised over $10,000!  Impressive for the first year!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun With The Sextant - Transit of Venus

Did s/v Honey Ryder lose her electronics?  Are we becoming purists?  Gawd no!  The historic transit of Venus began this afternoon around 5'ish.  The planet Venus started its nearly seven-hour trek across the face of the sun.  Today is the last time Earthlings will see such a view until 2117.  
We decided to put our sextant to use to view it.  Plus we were too lazy to look up how to make one of those pinhole projector boxes.  Yes, I know it's super easy but we don't have kids so those types of "projects" are not super easy for us.  

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Through the years sailing porn aka sailing magazines helped us survive the winters (non-sailing season), gave us good project ideas, informed us about various kewl products and boats (although editors of the sailing mags - enough already with the Top 10 Boats of the Year that only 1% of sailors or LESS can afford) and most of all feed our dreams of cruising.  However, we have slowly weened ourselves off the 8 subscriptions we had.

That helped the with the inflow but not the stacks of sailing porn around the house.  So we decide to donate them to a good cause.  We have bundled them up in bundles of 5 and plan to sell them for the first ever Leukemia Cup  (here after know on this blog as L-Cup because Leukemia is too hard to spell each time) hosted by Lake Perry Yacht Club.

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Sailin Sisters New Boat

Her debut
Meet s/v She Worthy.
Sailin Sisters show their appreciation

Perry Yacht Club Sailin Sisters acquired this little diamond in the rough this spring and have been working like crazy to get her ready for the 2012 sailing season on Lake Perry.   She's a Santana 22
Color was custom.  VC17 bottom paint goes with everything.

Yes, that is HOT PINK and it's spectacular!
Special "She Worthy" bubbly to christen her

Well done Sailin Sisters, cheers to you!

*Thanks to PYC member Kevin Mitts for letting me use his pics for this posting.