Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Day Thoughts

I found my snow suit fitting a bit snug this past week when I went out to shovel.  I thought to myself "I've got to lose some weight so I can better fit in this for shoveling snow.... OR I can go somewhere where I don't need to wear a snow suit."  HUMmmm.  Things to ponder on a snowy day. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yeti Coolers

Have you seen these coolers?  In a word AWESOME!  Our good friend Kevin was pretty sure we could use one on s/v Honey Ryder so he ignored the "no gifts" for Tom's 50th bday and showed up at the party with this little gem as his gift to Tom.  Simply the World's BEST coolers! 

As you can see, we have already put it to good use in a test run.  No doubt this will be a great addition to s/v Honey Ryder's standard gear.  Be sure to check out these coolers out at - Thanks Kev!!
*They are certified bear-proof by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee in case that is important to you.  Whatever the hell that committee is comprised of!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Additonal Solar Panel

Look what arrived today.  Our new solar panel.  140 watts of pure Sun power baby!!!

This should keep Tom busy during these snowy days planning for the installation of this additional panel.  But if I know my sailor man, he's already got it all figured out just how he is going to do it.  Stay tuned for more to come on that.
140 watts + the two current solar panels (80 watts each) should keep s/v Honey Ryder powered up nicely.
Speaking of snow, look closely at the background of the above pic - outside.  Yeah, it's snowing again.  But hey, it's winter and it's supposed to snow.  Plus it helps with the drought but man....what a cold way to get water. 

Sabrina's Sail Loft - BDay Gift

Tom played drums.  Tom still plays around on drums. 
Tom has a kickass set of purple bongos.  They are fun.  They are going on s/v Honey Ryder.
Paper pattern
But he needed a carry case.  Something to protect them so I made him a custom, padded bongo bag for his 50th birthday.
Cutting out the top and bottom
 I had to do the work in secret so it would be a surprise.
My secret, temporary canvas shop
Staples helped hold the seams until I could sew them
Almost done
Padding on top, bottom and around give added protection
Finished product.

Happy 50th Birthday Cap10 Tom

A big birthday deserves a big Par Tay so that is exactly what we did. Friends braved the cold and snow to help Cap10 Tom celebrate in style - 42 close friends to be exact.  *Yes, we crammed 42 people in our small home. 

Like a rat on a Cheeto, the party guests had picked the food table practically clean by 2:30am when the last group of friends left.
And how does Tom feel about turning 50?
"It's just a number.  No big whip." 

What Do Sailor's Do In The Winter?

If it's a snow day and it's also your 50th birthday (like it was for Tom).....

You shovel a path to the hot tub.

Put on your swim trunk's, crank some tunes on the outdoor speakers and go for a soak.
You might even try rolling in the snow like Nordic people do.
Or crazy 50 yr olds!
*Last week I was in Guanacaste Costa Rica where it was 92 everyday and 73 each evening.  I find all this snow rather rude.

Snow and Boats

B-Dock sinking.  Check out the 2nd set of covered docks in the pic.
Heavy snows from last week piled up on the roofs and weighed down the docks so much they started to sink at Lake Perry Yacht and Marina.
Luckily it appears the sailboats at the end are OK.  *Pics taken by Kim Hunsinger aka  my Evil Sailing Sista (ESS)

Pacific Time - Costa Rica

Yes, I/we have been missing in action.  It might be winter but we have been busy.
Sunset on the Pacific Ocean
In early February I got to stick my toe into the Pacific Ocean.  2012 was a good year sales wise for me and thus I made the President's Club Trip to Costa Rica - Guancaste to be specific.  Tom opted out because he had too much to do back in KC and awards trips aren't really his gig. 
Our secret beach hang out
My dear friend Gail happily agreed to go along and we had a blast.   In fact I ended up sticking more than my toe in the Pacific! 
Sunset at Playa Tamarindo
Ready for some zipping
Sorry for the blur, I was moving!  No braking for this sailor chick!
We swam in the ocean, sat on the beach with our toes in the sand, went on a snorkeling trip via skiff, zip lining through the trees and over gorges (first time for both of us - awesome), saw tons of howler monkeys, danced, ate yummy food and drank la cerveza de Costa Rica Imperial (me) and drinks served in coconuts (Gail). 
Off to do some snorkeling
Very successful trip.  I highly recommend Costa Rica.
Lunch in Tamarindo
One of many places in Tamarindo to learn to surf