Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HAM Goes to School

Now that I have my HAM license (KD0QAG - but don't try to call me as I don't have a HAM radio at all in KC.  The SSB is on the boat.) I get emails from the Amateur Radio... people.  (*I don't have all the HAM jargon down yet.)  They had a free webinar this evening on the 2012 Hurricane Season.

It was pretty good.  I, along with 300+ other people learned a few things.  I am hoping that we won't have to put any of it to use this hurricane season.
The Hurricane Watch Net
Amateur Ham Radio at the National Hurricane Center

Friday, July 13, 2012

Disillusion vs Illusion

We have a new motto for the time being.  It will be replacing the current motto "Remember wherever you go, there you are." 

"Journeying from a place of disillusionment towards a new illusion!" - Sabrina and Tom 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th 2012

Compy Comp and Cap10 Tom "chillin"- neck chillers
It was a quiet 4th at Lake Perry.  I guess the fact that it fell in the middle of the week played a big factor in much lower numbers at the lake. 
s/v Daystar - Good Wind

And the fact that it's been 100+ for several days with no rain and no end in sight.  Shhheesh.  This is more like August weather vs early July. 
Cap10 Tom at the tiller of s/v Riot

At least the wind blew, giving us a couple of good sails.  A quick sail on s/v Daystar with Cap10 Wayne and fellow B-Docker Compy Comp.  Then we jumped ship into our lovely McVay Minuet s/v Riot for a zippy sail to round out the afternoon.
s/v Daystar sneaking up on us
Wayne's BIG American flag

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Perrydise Lake Perry style
We wish everyone a safe holiday.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Alternative Uses For Boat Parts

The prop came from Seattle
Yes, that is a big boat prop.  Yes, it's attached to a piece of farm equipment behind a tractor.  Any guesses on the use?  Bueller?  Bueller?  That is used for the annual stirring of the hog lagoons at Rezac Land and Livestock, Onega KS.  I realize I am stretching this posting with the prop to tie it back into sailing for technical blog purposes.  But the truth is, there wasn't any sailing for us this weekend.  We spent the weekend in Wheaton KS at our good friend Kevin's wedding.  *Apparently it was on his bucket list to get married once before he turns 50 next year as this was Keebon's first wedding.  HA!  And we had an absolute hoot of time.  It was just a good old small town America wedding extravaganza weekend with all the normal trimmings;  beer drinking, riding around the 3 block town in golf carts/gators/4 wheelers,  riding the John Deer B tractor down the street, beer pong, fireworks in the middle of the street, petting of various farm animals (barn cats, horses, town dogs, 10 alpacas on the edge of town), shooting of various guns and a homemade cannon, decorating the community center/quonset hut, the wedding, reception, dance, beer drinking, after party, etc....Cap10 Tom reconnected fellow K-Stater Jay Rezac, who lived across the hall in Haymaker Dorm 25 yrs ago.  Jay and Stacy invited us to stop by their farm on the way home Sunday.  It was a good chance for city boy Tom to see a real working farm.  It's obvious they run a very successful operation.  Quite impressive.  Thanks to Jay and Stacy for showing us around.  Thanks to the town of Wheaton for a grand time.  Most of all thanks to Kevin and Lisa - Congrats and Best Wishes!