Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Tanks Are Good

One of the many things we like about s/v Honey Ryder is the tankage. She has -Approx 200 fuel and 200 water which means we can go a long time without filling up either.
This past weekend The College of Charleston had a college sailing regatta with teams in from all over the east coast. It was kind of kewl to watch them racing around just outside the marina. It was NOT kewl that all the little college sailing chicks used up ALL the hot water for showers at the marina! (We generally try to use the marina showers to save our water.) It was kewl that we simply turned around and went back to s/v Honey Ryder to take nice, hot showers. Thus cleaning oursleves, the shower and freshening the tanks some by using water. Big tanks are good.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Rainy Day Chore Day

We woke up to slight drizzle this morning - late ( hey, we are holiday) but no worries. We took advantage to get some long over do interior boat chores completed. The worst boat chore is still better than the best house chore! This evening we just finished up a boiled shrimp dinner aboard -Yum. Late this afternoon we dashed down to the local seafood market for some fresh off the boat shrimp. A nice piece of Tom bday cake will finish off dinner just right.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Joy and Happiness

We are back on s/v Honey Ryder. It's been way too long. Life gets in the way at times doesn't it? We arrived late Friday to blowing winds which continued throughout the night, causing us to heel in the slip and tug at the dock lines. Cap10 Tom worked himself into a nasty cold prior to us leaving so we took it easy yesterday; sleeping late, running errands and a good, late afternoon nap. Highlight of the day was an absolutely perfect chocolate birthday cake baked in s/v Honey Ryder's oven. My first baked cake on the boat. First of many given the results. This was accompanied by Tom's delayed bday gift - a Mast Climber. What exactly does it mean if your wife buys you a Mast Climber for your bday? She wants to send you 58 ft above the deck to swing about precariously? OR.....she knows that you will need to go up the mast at various times and she wants the two of you to be very self sufficient and safe? Yes - door #2 is the correct answer.
Today we had visitors, ex-navy sailor Jon and his buddy Sam drove down from North Carolina to hang out with us. We first met Jon when he was in the navy and we made our 2010 Oct trip to Savannah GA. Jon and Tom have stayed in touch. They hung with us on the boat and then we headed to Shem Crrek for lunch. Upon returning to the marina, they toured the Yorktown. Seems Sam was in the navy too but spent his whole time state side on land. They returned to s/v Honey Ryder for cake, coffee, navy tales as well as our own sailing stories. They headed into Charleston proper for dinner while we had chicken and broccoli over seasoned lentils.

*no pics or Kewl links on this posting as I am testing iPad posting. The marina wifi is giving me heck on the laptop.