Thursday, September 9, 2010

Exotic Brunswick GA?

Did you know Brunswick GA is an exotic location? It has to be.

The old cruising adage goes...."Cruising is fixing your boat in exotic locations." Given list of boat chores we accomplish last weekend, Brunswick GA is one exotic locale!

Some were planned such as installing the newly rebuild dinghy motor and dinghy light.
Some were not such as the dinghy still not working.

By process of elimination, we got it running.
Frequent marina dinghy rides ensued. You can make some great apparent wind on a hot, breathless Georgia day zipping around the marina.

Belt check - planned
Impeller change - unplanned (more from Tom later on that)
Oil and filter change - planned
Wash - plan
Wax -plan *(look at that shine)
Complete steel polishing - planned *(sparkling)
Work on dodger canvas - planned
Aft head repair - UNPLANNED *(no pic)
New dock lines installed - planned YAY!
And so on and so forth. It is all part of getting to know Honey Ryder.

We were able to have some fun. The marina had a Labor Day grillout. They provided burgers and sausages. We all brought a side dish and whatever we wanted to drink. Around 25 showed up. After our tummies were stuffed with all the good food, Dock Mistress Sherrie had everyone intro themselves, their boat, where they are from and how many times they have been to Brunswick Landing Marina. There were people from all over including New Zealand and Austrilia. Tons of experience and some newbies like us as well.

But what about the sailing!!!! Fear not. We were able to take Honey Ryder out for a quick day sail on Tuesday. The wind was 10 to 15 knots. We ended up heading out at low tide. It was a tight squeeze getting by the end tie motor cruisers but we made it.

Dredgers helping keep the way clear. Too bad they don't have the $ to dredge the Georgia ICW.
*(note the proper signals in the rigging)

Big car carrier ships up the other channel from us. *(not a good thing to have sneak up behind you)

The bridge heading south out of Brunswick.

St Simon island.

Dinner special at Cargo?

Beauty in action!

Bunswick Landing Marina

We are quickly learning our way around Brunswick and thought we would give you a tour.
First stop Brunswick Airport. No, this is not a resort or hotel. It just looks and acts like one. This airport is serviced by Delta through Atlanta. Our connections are very short but so far have been ok however we did have to run through the airport Wednesday evening to make our KC flight. Didn't some pro quarterback do that in the 70's wearing panty hose?

But I digress.

This airport is like a resort in their hands on customer service. When you arrive to fly out of Brunswick each time, the ticket counter has your itinerary printed off and ready to go. Then they walk you over to the two self check in booths and basically check you in while chatting you up. Next stop is the one security gate unless by some miracle the snack bar is open. It has only been open twice in all the times we have been there and both times it closed while we were odd times like 4:40pm....hummm? Oh well, they don't seem to service alcohol so who cares really. Security is security however these people seems to have brains and personalities unlike all the other TSA manning the wands at every other airport. The one and only gate area is very nice. Generally the ticket taker is the same person that self checked you in. Or that person might be loading bags. I have yet to see them climb into the cockpit but I wouldn't be surprised if they did as they all seem to do whatever job needs doing at this airport.

Timing and day of the week are everything in Brunswick. Almost everything shuts down on Sunday. A few of the big box stores, West Marine and the grocery store stay open but all the downtown stores, including the Ace hardware shut down. This includes ALL liquor stores so plan accordingly.
One of our favorite spots to eat is Cargo Portside Grill in downtown Brunswick...just not on Sunday because they are closed. And not too late the rest of the week as they close at 10pm. The food is delicious. I take my camera each time but realize only after I have eaten every morsel that I forgot to take a pic of my spectacular meal when it first arrives. Of course it might have something to do with the great wine list and killer cocktails.

Brunswick Landing Marina is turning out to be a great marina. The staff is terrific. Reasonable rates, free laundry, wide concrete floating docks, security and clean showers.

At the top of each dock is a covered area with a large gas grill, hose with water, trash, and benches. This is used by the boaters on each dock. Some gather each night for cocktails. Others use the grill and then head back to their boat. Still others chain up their bikes there or work on projects.

We used the grill most nights and dined with a view of the entire marina. There is also a bit more breeze up there than on the docks.