Monday, December 31, 2018

S2R - Well, We Have Come This Far - Minca Day 2

December 29 2018

After a fairly good night's sleep in our hostel hut, we dressed and joined the others on the common patio.  Btw - the mosquito netting worked.  However, I think a gecko or something similar ran across the netting on the upper part of my pillow and hair during the night!  And hearing a river rushing by so close throughout the night was a new sensation for us.  Breakfast was included in our room and consisted of coffee, two crepe like pancakes, good scrambled eggs and fresh bananas and papaya. 
Lat and long at the waterfall

Today's plan was to hike up to Marinka Waterfall - Casade de Marinka in Spanish.  The hostel staff confirmed the directions and distance.  "One hour walk but steep."  So longer for me!  We organized our stuff, "Of course you can leave your items here!"    Then we paid our bill and set off across the river. 

The hike up to the waterfall was on the road/trail and mainly shaded.  It was steep at times.  And of course I am out of shape, especially for mountain hiking but we managed.  Many locals and Colombians from other areas of Colombia were hiking up too.  Some came by Moto Mink motobikes and a few by 4 wheel drive. 

An hour or so later, we arrived.  $5,000 COP each entry fee or $3US total.  The waterfall was nice with two levels.  We came this far, so of course we got in.  The water was refreshing aka chilly.  S2R2 boat sv Tao Pao showed up and took a dip as well.

We dried off and hiked down.  A hint from Sher on sv Tao Pao lead us to a yummy chicken lunch in Minca - soup starter, rice, fries, small salad, 1/4 toasted chicken each and fresh juice smoothies. 
We booked our ride home and walked back to the hostel to get our other bag. 
Mural on the wall of the lunch spot

The ride home was a souped up, mountain ready Land Cruiser.  Tom and I stuffed in front, 9 others crammed in the back.  Again, our driver was very cautious and easy driving us back down to Santa Marta.
Our ride down
We arrived back home to the boat around 16:30 tired, hot and a tad but sore from all the walking.  
But what a wonderful time in Minca!

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