Thursday, May 15, 2014


This is for soon to be cruisers or those thinking about cruising.

If you are thinking about cruising the Eastern Caribbean, you need to know that you will run into and experience nudity in nearly every anchorage.  It's not rampant (as in every boat) but it's there.  99.5% are your fellow cruisers.  The rest are local fisherman, with an occasional tourist tossed in for fun.

It is a fact of cruising life down here.  It is not in your face nudity, but simply bathing off the back of the boat or in the cockpit.  Here and there is the odd, old sailing dude working all around the deck of his boat naked.  Or even the local conch diver changing out of this diving clothes into something dry.

We knew this fact prior to cruising down here AND it's just not an issue for us.  Stereotypes and jokes about the nationality of the naked people (French) aside, we find it is actually a wide swath of nationalities, personalities, shapes, sizes and ages.

The main reason I bring this up is if this makes you really uncomfortable or you find yourself thinking or saying.....with attitude...."Why can't they just put clothes on!"  Or "I have my 8 year old daughter and/or granddaughter onboard, how inappropriate to be naked in front of her from afar!"  Then perhaps you need to rethink your choice of cruising here.  Nudity is a fact.  Deal with it or go somewhere else.  Bitching and moaning does nothing but make you look bad! 


  1. This is just one of the excuses used by some Florida legislators, earlier this month, who tried to ban all anchoring within sight of a residence anywhere in the State..

  2. Our British friends were always appalled at the amount of violence Americans were exposed to and chagrinned how upset they got at the site of bared flesh. Certainly the latter seems to be more natural and healthy in most cases.

  3. If any post ever cried out for pictures....