Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dominica Island Tour

s/v Amaris arrange through our boat guy Alexis for an all day island tour and invited us to tag along.

Jeffery was our guide.  He showed us the house where the oldest living person in the world used to reside.  She lived to be 128.  Currently Dominica has over 20 centenarian, the most per capita of any country in the world.   They must be doing something right.  
Jeffrey getting us a treat

The treat?  Cinnamon bark straight off the tree - smelled so good

Then he drove us up, up, up into the mountains.  He stopped a few times so we could take in the stunning views and to show us various plants and such.
Spanny Falls
We hiked into Spanny falls and then up and over to the sister falls.  I tried to convince the crew of s/v Amaris that the waters are magical.  They weren't convinced.  However Tom and I swam in both pools just in case.  Besides, it was our first fresh water since......Lake Perry!
Tom enjoying the water of Spanny Falls
Hike up and over to sister fall

Sister fall - unsure of the name

Sabrina enjoying the Fresh water
Lunch was high atop some cliff overlooking the NE Atlantic coastline of Dominica.  Callaloo, curry chicken, dasheen, breadfruit plus assort fruits for dessert and homemade ginger beer to wash it all down was just what we needed.
View at lunch
Dessert - bananas, pineapple, sugar cane and apricots

Next we toured through the Kalinago (Carib) Indian area, stopping to try Cassava root bread.  Kalinago is the name they prefer because it is their real name!  Carib was the name that Columbus gave the people that were here FIRST! 

Cassava root

Cassava and coconut bread 

natural coconut NOT the icky, gross stuff sold in the bags for Easter 
Dominica is a large island so our day tour was really only the northern 1/2 of the island.  Unfortunately we are only able to scratch the surface on this visit.  We hope and plan to come back and explore more as it's truly a wonderful island with much to see.
Tom overlooking the NW corner of Dominica

Steven and Shawn on the NW corner of Dominica


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  1. Very nice! The ropes to hike over to the other waterfall reminds me of a hike we took up to waterfalls in Belize. I'd never hiked with ropes like that. Kinda hard but a beautiful reward at the end!