Monday, May 12, 2014

Foreign Investment Revisted -Dominica.

How nice!  Got any whales?
Apparently China and the government of Dominica are pals.  The Chinese have build a sports stadium, a new road and soon a new medical center plus numerous other projects.  Students from Dominica go to China to study.  Additionally Venezuela and Japan have completed projects on Dominica.  Why?  Out of the goodness of their hearts?  No.  They want something.  Japan wants fishing/whaling rights. Venezuela and a China?  It's less clear and the people of Dominica don't seems to know when I inquire.
I would say strategic positing.  When the shit stuff hits the fan.....and it will......China will ask all of it's buddy nations to vote/support/go along with them.   Watch and see.
Oh, there are a few EU projects, much to the chagrin of this Belgian Yachtie... "I like the people here and all, but why do I have to pay for their roads!"  Oh.  Do you like my new $1 million yacht?"  Ok, I made that last sentence up but he did say the first sentence to me.  
FYI - We have not seen any American Government supported projects.  Some of you may be saying something similar to the Belgian dude - "good."  Just remember what I said about what will happen when the stuff hits the fan.
Update - Seasoned cruisers tell us it is the UN votes these "buddy countries" are after.  
Additional Update - It isn't just Barbuda (as I previously wrote about) or Dominica that are recipients of foreign generosity.  Apparently it is happening throughout the Caribbean.  

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