Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Great Mango Hunters

Tom, Lee and Tony
May 14th
Lee and Sharon on s/v Allegro have been cruising the Caribbean for approximately 20 years.  For the past 10 years, Lee has been harvesting/hunting mangoes from one particular tree in St Lucia.  "The best mango tree in the Caribbean" according to Lee.  The location is a secret but he agreed to take Tony s/v Hoofbeats and Tom mango hunting.  With supplies in hand:  boat hook, net, plastic sacks and damp cloth - they zoomed off in Tony's dinghy.

15 mins later they returned with an absolute bounty.....approximately 65 mangoes!!  Big mangoes.  We ended up with 21.  We have them safely stored in the Yeti while they ripen.  YUM - love mangoes!  *Yes, I am still allergic to the oil in the mango skin but not the fruit.  Besides, what's life without a little danger.  It just makes them that much sweeter.      

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  1. SO envious! We love love love mangoes. My grandfather had a HUGE mango tree in Ft. Myers, FL, and I miss it so!