Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saturday Afternoon in Fort de France

As we wondered around the city, shops started closing up around 13:00.  We could hear live music so we followed our ears.  We stumbled onto hotel L'Imperatrice.  A solo performer was playing at the street cafe attached to the hotel.

The Bamboo Man was playing his wide range of HANDMADE bamboo instruments.  And I am not just talking about a simple pan flute.  Oh no.  These were cleverly designed instruments that gave sophisticated sounds.  One sounded just like an awesome base.  Another sounded like a sax and yet another like a soprano sax, sitar, harp and on and on.  It was amazing, sort of reggae/contemporary jazz sound.

He had a playback loop that allowed him a multi-layered sound.  We ordered a round of drinks and spent the rest of afternoon leisurely enjoying Laurent Phenis's Bambou Muzik. During a break we visited with Laurent. He has played all over the world but has yet to play in America.  He hopes to tour there someday.

We also discovered that the hotel was host to a special art exposition this weekend.  A collective of 50 artist had taken over the various hotel rooms to show their art.  As we viewed the art, we also got to see the unique interior architecture of this art deco hotel.      

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