Sunday, May 25, 2014

Soda Stream Refills

The real reason we came to Fort de France?  We heard rumors of getting Soda Stream refills aka Jesus Juice refills.

Background - We are not addicted to pop.  In fact, we had pretty much weaned ourselves off all pop. However.....we do like an occasional tonic drink.  And we have friends that like their morning pop and they were going to be visiting us....  So the day before we left the USA, I bought a Soda Stream machine from Wal-Mart.  I also bought some various syrups and two CO2 canisters.  We didn't even start using it until we got down to the BVI's.  It got a real workout when our friends Tim and Kim came to visit.  It also got it's new name the Jesus Juice Machine - turning water into pop!  Come on....that's funny.
Anyway, I knew finding refills for the CO2 would be a challenge but I didn't think it would be the impossible task it's turned out to be.  Inquiries were coming up empty - no place in the whole Eastern Caribbean!  Ugh!  We heard rumors of an industrial gas company in St Martin that would actually refill the canisters.  However we learned (after a 4 mile hike) that they can only refill the smaller topped European style canisters - NOT the bigger topped American.  Argh!  Since it's CO2 there is no hope for shipping some in.  Having friends bring CO2 on the plane?  BIG no no!

While in St Lucia, we caught up with s/v Adagio.  John happen to mention that he was standing on the street in Fort de France and saw a Soda Stream van drive by.  He started yelling and waving and the van pulled over.  The van driver spoke English and took John to his store where John was able to get the Soda Stream supplies he needed.  He emailed me the name and address and with that we set sail for Martinique.
Lovely Lucie
Flash forward to Friday, March 23rd.  We dropped anchor of Fort de France and rushed ashore.  I knew the Soda Stream store was far so we hailed a cab.  He drove us up into the hills of Fort de France and dropped us off in front of the address - we thought.  Traffic was backing up so he quickly drove off.  We dashed across the street to find the place closed.  Darn!  Oh well.  Open Saturday until noon.  We started walking back down the hill towards the waterfront.  After 8 mins or so of walking with heavy traffic passing by, we suddenly saw the Soda Stream van pass by.  We yelled and waved and.....he pulled over.  *John - does this sound familiar?  We ran across the street and got in.  "We were just at your store but since it's closed......"   The driver said "No, we are...em?....openz.  My wivf and child are zthere now."  Hum?  Then he turned down a narrow drive and drove a short distance to some shops that were down behind the main road.  D-oh!  We didn't double check the address when we got out of the cab.  We just assumed it was the one on the main road.
Their shop

We walked into Caraibes Decoration and it was wonderfully air conditioned and Lucie immediately began helping us.  Her English is very good.  She and Christopher own this kitchen/bath design shop.  Soda Stream is one of the brands they carry.  We visited a bit as she filled our order - 6 bottles of CO2 and 5 syrups - she threw one in for free, giving us six syrups total.  Yay!  Christopher told us they have been in Martinique 12 years.  They moved from Paris.  Nice couple.  They said they get some "people off boats" but we told them not many know about their shop.  Lucie said there is also a new place in Guadeloupe to get Soda Stream supplies.  Christopher told us to email them next time and they will have our order ready for us.  I would guess he might even deliver to the waterfront.  As it was, he offered to drive us back down to the waterfront.  We of course took him up on the offer. big thanks to John on s/v Adagio and Lucie and Christopher, our Jesus Juice Machine is up and running again.  Cold, fizzy cocktail anyone?

FYI - I posted this info on Women Who Sail group on Facebook.  Hopefully that will help get the word out.
Caraibes Decoration 63 rue du Prof. R. Garcin, Dedier Fort de France Martinique.
Soda Stream in Guadeloupe - Le Gout de la Cuisine


  1. So, in keeping with the Jesus Juice made a pilgrimage? :-)

  2. We have been discussing getting a soda stream but not made our decision yet - how many bottles do you get per CO2 container? We will be in the Bahamas for 5-6 months and need to estimate our CO2 cartridge count.
    Thanks for sharing all the great information.

    1. I am not sure how many we get per co2. As I mentioned, we are not drink pop everyday sort of peeps. Mainly just sundowners and that is not everyday. Sorry I can't be more help. You might google it. We had co2 and that was not enough. Mi bough 6 thinking that would get us through next season ok.

  3. Hi, we are in Grenada and will be heading to Martinique for Christmas: please can you give the address - and also, do you know if they will take empty cylinders for exchange??
    thanks, Edi & Blair

    1. s/v Kind of Magic - There should be a link built int the blog that takes you directly to their web site. If not......address is 63 rue du Prof. R. Garcin, Dedier Fort de France Martinique.

  4. If the door is shut then talk to the chap working on the left hand side, he actually runs the place but does other stuff in his work shop

  5. You can take a bus from Fort de France, but check the number, I think it was a 13? The buses for here leave from the back of the city not the beach side. The bus stops right outside