Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ile Les Saintes Dinghy Cleaning

April 27th
We took advantage of a nice little beach in the Saintes to clean the bottom of our dinghy.  It was very very gross.  We beached Nick Nack, took off the outboard, removed everything from the forward dinghy storage area and them spent close to 3 hours scrubbing.  Yes, 3 hours.  I told you it was gross.
Update- Turns out the dinghy scrubbing was not such a good idea.  It seems all the dirty, grim and fuzzy growth was what was holding it together.  Since the cleaning we now have to pump Nick Nack up several times a day vs just once.  D-oh.
Lesson?  Don't clean your old dinhgy.
Update - May 7th We took our dinghy into Liftrafts and Inflatable in Rodney Bay St Lucia.  They tested it and found 3 leaks.  Now that those have been patched Nick Nack has been holding air.  Yay! The lower drain plug needs to be re-bedded but that is something Tom can do.

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