Thursday, May 1, 2014

Jardin Botanique

We went to the botanical garden in Deshaies.  It was awesome.  Very well done, however it was all in French.

Bonus- when we were walking up the drive, a grounds guy came out with a really long pole with a funny attachment on the end.  It turned out to be a mango picking pole.

Mangoes are my favorite fruit. I love them despite being allergic to the oil in the skin.  We watched as he picked a mango and then he walked over and gave it to us.  He rattled off a bunch of French but I got the will be ready (ripe) in trois (3) days.  Woo hoo free fruit and my fav.

I am really glad we did the botanical garden now as it has helped us as we continue to see the wonderful and brilliant colored foliage on various islands.

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  1. Oops, looks like you did make it. Nice to see the hurricane damage is all gone or healed.