Monday, May 5, 2014

Ile Les Saintes Forts

April 26th, 2014.  There are two forts (Napoleon and Josephine) plus a high lookout mountain spot - Le Chameau.  We did 1 or the three.  Hey, they are all up really high, steep hills/mountains.

We visited Fort Napoleon and the museum.  The fort was used by the French to keep an eye on the blood British back in the day.  It was very impressive.  They have done a good job of restoring and keeping it up.  The British forts we have visited down here to date have been ruins.

Despite not being able to speak or read any French, the museum displays were good. There was a small exhibit of art as well.

However the real draw was the view.  360 of The Saints all around, Guadeloupe to the north, Marie Galante to the NE.  Simply stunning!

FYI - Terre de Bas island has 7 industrial size windmills on the south side of the island to create power.  Oddly these windmills have 2 blades and not the standard 3.

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