Thursday, May 1, 2014

Guadeloupe to Ile des Saintes

April 24
We saw a whale!  We saw a whale!  We saw a whale!!  On our sail from Guadeloupe to Ile des Saintes, we saw our first whale on s/v Honey Ryder.  No, I don't have a pic.  It happened too fast.  No, I don't know what type of whale.  But....We saw a whale.  So - Very- Kewl!!!

I try not to have expectations about any of the new lands we are seeing.  This way I am not disappointed.  In fact the only standard expectation I have is that the wind will always be on the nose when we are on the move.  However, it's hard not to secretly have expectations for some sort perhaps a hope, or looking forward to, or should be Kewl type thought.  I have been looking forward to visiting Ile des Saintes since we decided to cruise the eastern Caribbean.

It is very French.  They have many visitors (tourist) from mainland Guadeloupe and France. American yachties who speak NO French is not their target market.  We were tolerated as we struggled to order in restaurants and such.  I took my "French for Cruisers" book ashore each time hoping to find someone willing to take pity on us and play along.  I got no takers.  Only big sighs, eye rolls and I am pretty sure some comments about us in French.  Oh well.  We still had a lovely time that totally lived up to my expectations.
*I think I may have emailed some of you that we were in Les Saintes.  Turns out it's Ile des Saintes or des Saintes.  Ooops.  Maybe this is part of the reason for the eye rolls we got - not just bad French but really bad French.      

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