Saturday, October 26, 2013

We Joined the Salty Dawg Rally

Definition:  Rally - to organize (supporters, etc )for a common cause or (of such people) to come together for a purpose
View of North Sound from our visit in 2008

Previously we have not been interested in sailing rallies.  They just didn't seem like our thing for several different reasons 1.)  Cost.  2.)  Very structured - You must leave from this location on this date - weather permitting and you must arrive at this destination 3.)  Very strict - You must attend all the pre-departure seminars and events.  4.)  Too many pay for social events - We have never needed to pay to socialize.  5.)  Herd Mentality - We are not follow the herd people.  However, there are many things about sailing rallies that do appeal to us.  1.)  Sharing of resources like weather and routing  2.)  Daily radio check ins.  3.)  Discounts and/or freebies from sponsors.  *Come on, who doesn't like discounts and freebies!  4.) Sharing of knowledge.   
Bitter End Yacht Club 2008

With these pluses in mind, we have decided to join the Salty Dawg Rally and they have accepted us.  We plan to depart out the Beaufort NC inlet on November 4th (weather permitting) - destination British Virgin Islands!  The bulk of the rally is departing from Hampton VA the same day but there are approximately six or so boats departing out of Beaufort (see, this rally is flexible on departure locations).  Most of the rally is headed to the BVI's but there but a few vessels are going other locations.  This isn't completely out of the blue.....well...actually, it's into the blue....bluewater....get it?  HA!  We have been planning to sail to the Eastern Caribbean.  The rally is the only new part of the plan.     
Rainbow in North Sound 2008

For more information on this rally, please check the web site Salty Dawg Rally Fall 2013.  Once the fleet departs, you can track our progress there and see updates from some of the vessels.  We will be posting position reports back to the rally organizers and our float plan holders.  Other than that, we will be out of pocket blog postings until we arrive down in the Eastern Caribbean

Looking forward to see that color of water again
It is approximately 1250 nautical miles.  Planning and plotting shows around 11days for us.  We have been planning on 12 days but hope that it will be shorter than that.  Of course it could run longer than 12 days so we will plan for that as well.  We have one other crew member joining us.  John Tygart is flying in from KC on Nov 2nd.
Despite the crowds, there are secret places with no one else around
We are excited.  And  yes, November 4th will be here soon so we are working hard to complete all the necessary items.  More to come on that. 



  1. Wow, I'm flabbergasted. Good on ya'

  2. Be safe and trust your instincts. Don't let other's verbose knowledge force you to move when your instincts tell you different. We love the BVI and wish you a fantastic voyage there. Be safe and please link your Spot info to your Website when you pull the trigger so we can watch. Best Regards, Jesse and Ginny!

  3. So excited for you two! The BVI is one of our favorite places on earth, probably #1, actually. Will be following along on the rally website for sure. You are going to have a BLAST!

  4. Wow - have a great time. We are not to the point of going on a rally yet but who knows what will happen. We are planning on setting sail in November sometime (no fixed schedule) and perhaps we will see you in BVI.

  5. We will keep an eye out for you two. Fair Winds.

  6. Sorry to miss you but we'll catch you at some point for sure!

    S/V Kintala