Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Captain Annie

One of our blog readers commented on the blog that if we were headed to Charleston she would love to buy us a beer and meet in person.  Kewl! 

Captain Annie is an amazing person and not just because she showed up on the dock with a six pack of beer....although that was a nice start to a terrific evening.  She has her captain's license and has been putting it to good use on her new to her this year - 37 ft Albin trawler m/v Three Belles.  We saw a pic of it.  Nice boat!  We chatted all things boating - heads, engines, docking, etc....  It was really a treat getting to meet her in person.  We look forward to seeing her again in the not to distant future in some quiet anchorage on down the line.  Thanks Annie for a fun night.  Let's stay in touch! 

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for showing me your beautiful and KEWL Honey Ryder and for a great night out together full of (mostly) boat talk.