Thursday, October 31, 2013

SSB Battle -Update

The SSB guy (Corey from Triton Marine) came back yesterday to check our progress on the SSB battle.  We proudly showed him that we had made all the changes he suggested.  He plugged in his meter and the SWR numbers were much, much, better....down around the range where they should be.  Yay!!!  Our confidence is now cautiously higher that we will be able to use our SSB on our up coming passage.  However I still plan to cross my fingers and toes when I do use it - sort of a freaky new SSB yoga!  Feel free to join me.

We will be supplementing the SSB with a new satellite phone and sailmail.  That has been a interesting ride as well.   


  1. You're both such technologically advanced beings.

  2. We'll keep our wires, oops, fingers, crossed for you.