Saturday, October 12, 2013

Everyman a Wildcat - Almost

Yesterday while motoring up the ICW, Tom said a BIG motor yacht was headed our way.  It's AIS had popped up on our chartplotter.  He was right, it was a big yacht.  Then he said "There is another yacht behind them and you are never going to guess the name!  RockChalk."  OMG!
For those that don't know, we both graduated from Kansas State University  - KSU -KState Wildcats.  Our rivals and arch enemies are the University of Kansas - KU (why it's not UK I don't know) Jayhawks.  Their cheer involves something about Rockchalk Jayhawk.  Why?  I don't know nor do I care.  K-Staters have a return cheer that is an alternative to their cheer and something that can't be repeated here.  That one I know and get. 
Anywho....we had actually seen m/v Rockchalk before when it was in Brunswick but never met the owners.  I couldn't resist some good natured teasing.  I dove below and pulled out our big purple K-State Powercat flag.  As they passed on the waterway I waved it like crazy.  They both nearly fell out laughing!  I hailed them and we had a nice chat on 68.  They seem like good peeps....for KU peeps that is!  HA!  Tom and I have grinned and giggling about this fun teasing for over a day now.  If you want to check out their blog you can find it here Rockchalk.  Everyman a Wildcat!


  1. Love it! Always give those Jayhawkers a hard time! ;)

  2. So, says the Mizzou gal. FYI--from a former student ambassador of KUland. Rock Chalk refers to the limestone of which our noble and bee-you-tee-ful University was built of and upon. Just don't ask us about football.....