Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Underway Pics - Bass Creek to Charleston

Below are random pics taken along the ICW.

Dinghy racing in Beaufort SC.

Pink tug?  Looks pink to me.

Linksters enjoying some golf on a course along the ICW.

Wappoo River Bridge -The current runs fast through here.  The bridge only opens on the hour and half hour.  You have to time it just right and mind the current while waiting.  It's also very narrow along this stretch.  AND even when the crossing bars finally go down to stop the traffic, it takes FOREVER for the bridge to finally start to open!  Seriously FOREVER....or at least it seems like it while you are waiting and trying to hold your place while current rips along.  *Let's not forget my love of bridges - NOT!  Luckily, we were the only ones going waiting to go through at the time.  We've been told by locals that on weekends and holidays it's an out of control cluster in this area.

Charleston aka Chuck Town waterfront. 

Coasties on a big Coastie ship.  Impressive! 

However on closer inspection through the binocs, this ship looks a little worn out.  I worry about the USCG.  They are SO important.  But, no politics here today.  There are other blogs for that. 

Finally, College of Charleston has an awesome sailing team.  Generally ranked in the top five in the nation (although I haven't looked yet this year). 

They were all coming back in along the breakwater dock where we were tied up.  It looked so kewl seeing them all sailing in so I decided to snap a few pics. 

I overheard (quietly) the following from two girls in this one boat.....crew girl -"OMG, she's taking a picture."  skipper girl - "Where? oh."  Crew girl - "Darn, our jib isn't full.  That looks bad."  Skipper girl - "Quick, see if you can get it full."  All this in hush tones but I could still hear as they were only 10 ft across the dock from us.  Too funny.


  1. Great pics! Yes, the USCGC Gallatin is showing it's age, but then it has been around since 1968, and I think wears her age well! I love Charleston and hope to return soon.

  2. Love the photos. One of our sailing instructors was a College of Charleston grad. Cute guy and a fantastic sailor. We had to deal with the currents down there too, and they were wicked. Bridges also NOT my favorite!

  3. Always like it when a women is more concerned with the cut of her jib than her hair. Nice 420s a really fun boat to race in. The Butterflies in Beaufort look fun as well. Sailing at its best