Wednesday, October 2, 2013

North? - You Are Going The Wrong Way

This is what fellow Kansas sailor Michael King and many others have said to us in blog comments, emails and face to face conversations.  Back in Brunswick GA the conversation usually went something like this.....
Fellow cruiser -"Where are you two off to now that your canvas is complete?" 
Us - "North"
Fellow cruiser - "You mean south?  Florida and The Bahamas are south." 
Us - "No, north."
Fellow cruiser - "Oh, north a bit and then back south through Brunswick on your way south?"
Us- "No.  We won't be coming back through Brunswick this fall"
Fellow cruiser - "But it's cold up there" - like we are going to the north pole.
Us - "Good!  Because it's been hotter than hell here!"

So why are we going north?  1.)  We can.  We have the time and it's been fun exploring .  2.)  We don't generally follow the pack.  3.)  Even though we have had NE winds, the weather has been lovely.  But mainly because sometimes you have to go north to get into a position to go south.  Not everyone goes to the same "south" aka Florida or The Bahamas.  Gasp - shocking I know!  There are recommended cruising routes to get to the various "southern" locations.  These are generally time tested routes that if you wait for the right weather, can improve your chances of a good passage to wherever "south" you are going.  These routes have starting points.  We are traveling north to get one of these starting points. 
So there you have it.  We are going North to go South.  Confused yet?    


  1. Are you going to the Bahamas this season or are you skipping down to the BVI's? Let us know when you get south of 25* Lat.. Maybe we will hook-up and cook some BBQ. Go Chiefs!!!!

  2. North is where all the cool people are....