Friday, October 18, 2013

Up the Stick - Continued

Another view from yesterdays trip to the top of the mast on s/v Honey Rdyer
"Ouch, ohhh, ouch, eeeee, ooh, ouch."  These are the involuntary sounds/things I have been uttering as I move around today.  Little bruises started showing up overnight all over my body and my muscles are letting me know  -
1.) They did not appreciate the Up the Stick workout yesterday. 
2.)  They think I am crazy for thinking I could do that when routine exercise on a daily basis has been missing 
3.)  They are laughing at me or would be if they didn't hurt too much to laugh.
4.)  They are basically yelling at me today, letting me know "you are NOT as young as you used to be and even back in the day you could never get more than 1 1/2 ft up when you had to climb the rope in gym class.  What were you thinking - Moron!"

On the plus side, we had the chance to spend the afternoon with another cruising couple.  They picked us up at the marine in their rental car and we ran errands and then gorged ourselves silly at a lunch buffet.  Super nice peeps so it was a lovely afternoon.  That helped quiet my screaming muscles to some extent. 

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  1. I feel your pain -- I am sure I'd be dying too. Certainly that mast climber uses muscles most of us rarely use! We had one also but never got to (or should I say had to) use it.