Friday, October 11, 2013

Boat Insurance Hoops

FYI - Not all boat insurance policies let you go wherever you want.  And I am not talking about the standard "Don't go below such and such latitude during hurricane season." NOooo, much more.  I am talking about restrictions and requirement beyond that on passages, locations, required number of crew, sailing resume, etc.....We have learned that our current boat insurance won't cover our future cruising plans.  We are working with our agent to find new insurance that will.  Oh joy!  Of course there is a tons of paperwork, questionnaires, emails, phone calls, written storm plans, etc..... we feel like cats jumping through hoops in some sort of freaky circus show. 


  1. We can relate to that. We were in the same freaky circus on the way down here. We were more like tightrope walkers, and the cats were on our shoulders.

    1. We were told that we could pay for trips outside their boundaries. So if we are insured for the Atlantic coast, and want to hop over to the Bahamas, we would fork over some cash to cover us there for a period of time. Kind of sucks having to do that, but coverage for the whole area is $$. We will reduce our range now as we have no intentions of ever sailing into the Great Lakes again.

    2. I am sure it will be interesting. How does the phrase go....what doesn't kill you....still hurts really freaking bad!