Thursday, October 3, 2013

Out of Charleston SC

We spent the last two days in Chucktown.....actually in Mount Pleasant SC at Charleston Harbor Marina.  If you will remember we used to keep s/v Honey Ryder here for 1.3 years in 2011 and 2012.  We  requested a transient slip out along dock A which is also the breakwater.  While it is rougher out there, we wanted to be able to make our escape whenever we wanted vs only at slack tide.  The tides and currents are so wicked fast here that in any regular slip your departure must be timed.  As it turned out, by being on A Dock we were treated to one of the best dolphin shows ever.  Both days there was a pod of 6-8 dolphins that spent the entire afternoon (both days) hunting up and down both sides of the dock- literally 10 ft across the dock from us and all around our boat.  It was amazing!  I shot some video and I hope to get it edited and posted sometime this decade.  Being back at CHM gave us a chance to catch up with dock neighbors from before, meet new people (Captain Annie), do laundry, get some fuel and water and run an errand or two.  Tom used one of the resort bikes to make a West Marine/Publix run.
This morning we made our escape and headed out the shipping channel to the Atlantic and then turned north towards Georgetown.  "Did the wind shift around finally?" you ask.  No.  We just felt the need for some salt spray.  We got it with NE winds but it was nice to be outside.  We motored with a light cloud cover.  Good thing as I got a touch of sun watching the dolphins the last two days.  We caught the ebb tide in and are currently anchored in Winyah Bay tonight.  We will pop up to Georgetown tomorrow.


  1. They just had a big fire in downtown in Georgetown. Such a shame, such a pretty little line of storefronts....

  2. Just curious about Tom using the resort bike...are his bikes still okay? Glad you made it to your next spot safely!

    1. We had to leave 1 behind so we gave the 20" to our dock neighbor in BWick. It was so heavy. We had 2 take the tires off Rusty to store him and both we jammed in the aft cabin with all sorts of other stuff. So for one day, it was easy to use the resort bikes.