Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bull Creek Anchorage

We spent last night anchored in Bull Creek just below ICW mile marker #380.  Hands down one of our favorite anchorages to date.  There were two local fishing skiffs silently fishing as we past by.  They simply waved.  We anchored just up from them in 14 ft of water off a small sandy beach along the shore.  Soon after we anchored another small local boat arrived with a vociferous group of three.   They were just blowing off steam on a Saturday evening and stayed only a short time.  The sun set, the other two boats left and we had the whole river to ourselves....except the animals in the woods on both sides of the creek.  We could hear all the woodland creatures- it was great.  With no light pollution, we could see no less than one million stars.  Magical!  After dinner we sat in the cockpit quietly taking it all in.  We could hear several different owls hooting throughout the night.  Some had the same "hoot, hoot" call each time, while others mixed it up "hoot hoot - de doot".  Really!  A couple of times we heard something rather large diving into the water getting some other living thing, most likely a fish.  We didn't see any pelicans earlier in the day.  I don't know if owls hunt fish like that or not but that would be my first thought.  It was a loud kurrrplunk so whatever it was, it was big.  We did see tons and tons of turtles throughout the day sunning themselves on fallen trees, stumps and rocks as we cruised along.  The smell of fresh pine trees all day was almost overpowering at times.

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