Friday, January 10, 2014

VIERS and More Kansas Peeps

After touring the kewl Tektite museum at VIERS, we were walking down the path and a gal came out of the office and said  "Hi.  How are you two?"  I told her how much we enjoyed the museum.  "I am so glad.  Do you have any questions?"

She proceed to give us the low down on the VIERS camp, the activities, the groups they host there, the researchers and the volunteers.

Seems her husband is the site manager since early this past summer (I think).  They came down from the USA.  She sort of sheepishly grinned and said "we are from....of all places.....Kansas."  OMG!  I told her we were from Kansas City and she nearly fell out.  She couldn't believe it.  We continued talking for quite some time.  Her husband came along a little later so we got to meet him as well.  Carla (might be Karla) and Tony are neat people living a unique life as the managers of VIERS on St John Island USVI.  If you are looking for "something different", you might think about being a volunteer here.

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