Friday, January 10, 2014

Little Lameshur Bay St John USVI

Beautiful bay with a picture perfect beach.  However, the anchorage was rolly.  We only stayed one night. Then we simply motored right around the corner to Great Lameshur Bay.  Much better.  We stayed 2 or 3 nights there.  I forget.  Good hiking in this area.  The above picture was taken in Little Lameshur Bay. Several quick squalls passed through and a rainbow kept coming and going in the same spot.  I had never seen that happen before. As a kid growing up in southwestern Kansas we certainly had rainbows but I don't remember very many FULL rainbows.  The rainbows of my youth were primarily partial.  A double rainbow was really rare.  Down here in the Caribbean we have seen many full rainbows and double rainbows.  Hum What do you think that means?  Anyway....awe-inspiring each time one forms.....seriously....I go "Awe - Rainbow!"  


  1. Sabrina, I really enjoy following with you and Tom on your trip of paradise. Keep up the blog!! Terri Tilford