Friday, January 10, 2014

Maho Bay and Francis Bay Beach Pics

We understand it's been really cold back in the USA this past week.  This postings for all you readers that are chilly.  Sorry it's delayed....although I doubt you are done with cold weather.
Looking west from east end of Maho Bay beach

Looking east from west end of Maho Bay beach

SO clear

How could he resist?
For whatever reason, these are two separate bays but they sort of seem like one big one.  Regardless, they are wonderful.  Especially Maho Bay.  See for yourself.
Maho Bay mooring field

Francis Bay mooring field
The below two cracked people me up.  Two days in a row, they would get into this inflatable kayak, kayak out into the mooring field, tie up to a mooring and just chill.  Generally the one in front watched the turtles and fish, while the other one napped.  Yesterday they switched.  The one in front napped, while the other watched turtles and fish.....Or maybe it was the same napper, different position in the kayak.  Hum?  Either way...Don't misunderstand, I am not knocking it.  I think it's awesome.  It was just an odd sight in the mooring field.  I am not sure where they kayaked from.  Maybe Cinnamon Bay campground.

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