Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Market Day

Molly by the spice booth
Molly off s/v Terrapin and I hit the bi-weekly market in Marigot this past Saturday.  It was fun exploring all the fruits and veggies we don’t have in the states.  Molly’s French is WAY better than mine.  Unlike me, she can say more than please, thank you and what is - damn it...why didn't I hit the Rosetta Stone again this past summer!  So she asked the market ladies what various items were and how to mange (eat in French) them.    
These ladies were very nice
Fish markets have been completely lacking on our trip thus far.  Not anymore as they had two big booths with freshly caught, local fish.  I did not buy any that day but plan to head back another day to get some.  * I have been completely blown away at the lack of fresh fish to buy.  I found nothing in the BVI and USVI.  I realize the tourist business pays better than fishing but I thought there would be at least something.  Perhaps I missed it.  Another astonishing discovery is the strong presents of Salt Fish.  This is salted cod from Nova Scotia!  Yes, salt cured fish shipped from Nova Scotia Canada to the Caribbean….where there are some terrific, fresh fish!!!  This is of course left over from colonial slavery days but it just seems crazy to me. 
Check out the 100 yr old Singer sewing machine in this booth
After buying some veggies and fruits, we decided to buzz through the tourist trap booths.  Most were t-shirts, hats and such with St Martin printed all over whatever item but there were a few local artist booths.  There was also a fabulous spice booth.  I may need to go back to that one.  There were coconut drink vendors as well as vendors selling homemade flavored rums and various hot sauces.  One booth on the corner played island music with CDs for sale. 
After cruising through all that, we headed for Sarafina’s – a French bakery with SO many good things it will make your head pop off.  Seriously……spectacular stuff.   I bought two baguettes, an olive loaf, and an apple and peach tart each….which Tom and I enjoyed immediately upon my return to the boat!
This was only a small part of the choices
 It was a good market day.


  1. It was a great time! Thank you for letting me tag along. Serrafina's is amazing! If you can talk the tunic lady down - I'm in :)

  2. French bakeries are the best! Would you believe we found two wonderful ones in Mexico (in two different cities) when we visited there. And we can never go by one without buying an assortment of goodies. Everything is SO delicious!