Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cheers Mates - from the BVI's

Yes.  We are back in the British Virgin Islands.  North Sound on Virgin Gorda to be specific.  We slogged our way upwind from St John's today.  No pics.  Slogging pics  We are in Leverick Bay and the internet is too slow for pics.  More on communications in a future posting but we are all about free wifi.
So we slogged our way up here so we could use North Sound as a jumping off point for our sail to Sint Maarten.  With that island being generally straight east'ish, that angle of sail is dead to wind, on the nose, slogfest!  Casting off from North Sound might give us a slight advantage sailing SE.  However we have no delusions.  The wind is ALWAYS on the nose.
Anywho.... We will probably cast off tomorrow or Friday.  Wish us fair winds and following seas....really...we could use that.....stay tuned!        

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  1. Well, here ya go: fair winds and following seas! Seriously, though, I thought sailors never began a journey on Friday...bad luck, same as bananas on a boat. I'm all about superstitions!