Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Cove for New Years Eve

We left our anchorage at Charlotte Amalie St Thomas and motored back around to Crown Bay Marina where we got some diesel, dinghy gas and water.  Then we took a mooring ball in the Water Island mooring field again so Tom could dinghy over to Krum Bay and refill one of our propane tanks.

Now fully "gassed up", we dropped the mooring ball and motored directly onto the wind and over to Great St James Island (right next to St Thomas) where Christmas Cove is located.  The north side of the cove had about 8 cruising boats.  The south side was filled with day trip snorkel boats.  Active Captain suggested the south side was better but all the moorings were taken.  However a Kewl 3 masted sailing vessel yelled over that they were leaving soon and we could have the mooring ball they were on.  It was one of the day snorkel /sail boats- I thought that was really nice of that captain.

Soon we were tied up and chillin. Tom goofed around with a few boat /dinghy projects and I went for a snorkel.  It's been over 5 days since my last swim!  Slowly the day trippers left the anchorage.  By 5pm it was only us and two other cruising boats left.  Awesome!  We watch a beautiful sunset that included the Green Flash.  Double Awesome.  If your don't know what that is look back in this blog to 2009 and our trip to Honduras.  That is where we saw our first green flash.  Or google it.  **Update - we watched the sunset again last night Jan 1st and again saw the Green Flash.  Two nights running!  Some people never see it and we've seen it two nights in a row.  Christmas Cove seems to be the perfect place to view it. 

We had a lovely New Years Eve in Christmas Cove.  Sitting in the cockpit in our swimsuits until well after sunset.  Woo Hoo!  Dinner was pressure cooker wild rice, chicken thighs and carrots.  Yum.  We ate in the cockpit with 1 million stars overhead.  Perfect.  Many people asked if we were going to spent New Years Eve on Jost Van Dyke at White Bay or attend the infamous Foxy's New Years Eve bash.  This just didn't interest us for many reasons.  1.)  too many boats in too small a space.  2.)  too many inexperienced boaters. 3.). Too many people on boats they don't own aka charters.....(if it's not your boat do you care as much?  Hopefully but....)  4.) too much like party cove at Lake of the Ozarks or Lake Perry or any lake for that matter.  5.) sv Honey Ryder is not just our boat but our home and thus it would be like having your house in the middle of the biggest New Years Eve Party ever.  So....for these reasons we opted for a quite cove where the three of us (Tom, me and sv Honey Ryder) could ring in the new year.  Internet is weak so no pics.  I will add some later. 


  1. LOVE Xmas Cove! When we chartered regularly in the Virgins it was always our first night's stop, because it was easy to get to and a perfect place to transition from the pace of the business world in the States to the pace of the Islands. Sounds like you had an absolutely magical NYE, and best wishes for 2014to continue to be spectacular.

  2. Sounds like the PERFECT NY's Eve celebration to me. Love the idea of seeing all those stars in a place unblemished by light pollution. Don't blame you at all for not going to Foxy's. Your reasons are very practical!