Friday, January 10, 2014

Tourist Trap -St John Island USVI

Small little place 

Seriously small - this was all there was to it
We hiked from Great Lameshur Bay up a very, very, very, very steep hill/mountain.  1000 ft up according to one map/chart I looked at later.  Then we hike down the very, very, very, very steep other side. 
View towards Coral Bay
Why?  Food of course.  Tourist Trap was over in Concordia, past SaltPond...for those following along with maps/charts.  It was good food.  We ate a lot.  We earned it with our hike up and over.  They had BBQ that was as good as Kansas City BBQ - big task to get even close!

Then we had to start the long, steep hike back.  Oh no.  Luckily, I looked pathetic (and old) enough that some young tourist picked us up (in an old school Ford Bronco without the top - way kewl!)  and took us up the very, very, very, very steep hill so we only had to walk back down.  Whew! 
They call these Banana -keets (I think) but now I can't find that reference anywhere - hum?


  1. Heheh, ya gotta spell it right... ;-) Adorable birds -- we loved seeing them for the first time in the BVI. BananaQUITs: They are sugar eaters and have the prettiest songs and calls.

    1. I knew it wasn't right but just couldn't find it. Plus....I knew you would know!