Saturday, January 11, 2014

Laundry Day

It might seem like our new life is nothing but sunsets and beaches but there is work involved. Example:  Laundry Day - We try to do most of laundry onboard or it truly is an entire day of laundry!  Doing it ashore = You have to load it all up in the dinghy, drag it ashore, find a laundry place (usually involves some amount of walking/trekking), do the laundry (fighting for machines and oh the waiting), then load it all back up, trek back to the dinghy, motor back to s/v Honey Ryder (trying SO hard to keep it dry and not being able to - think wet ride video) and then put it all away.  ALL day event!

Onboard laundry = Hand wash laundry in small batches in salt water with laundry soap.  Rinse in small batches in salt water.  Rinse in small batches in fresh water.  Wring using super-duper carwash wringer....Dyna-Jet.  Hang on lifelines and on clothes lines strung around the cockpit.  Pull everything off the lifelines BEFORE a squall comes through.  Put everything back out on lifelines to dry again.  Pull everything off lifelines BEFORE a squall....well ok...maybe it does take all day when you include drying time onboard.    


  1. A perfect argument to do away with wearing clothes. ;o)