Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Walburg Creek to Buckhead Creek

We decided to go only a short distance today and had no shallow spots to worry about so we didn't rush.  We planned and got 1/2 the way through launching the dinghy to explore St Catherine's island beach and some funky looking trees.  However the strong NE wind wouldn't let up so we abandoned that idea.  If the outboard would have stopped as it sometimes does, we would have been swept into the marshlands to be taken in by marshland Kathy Bates and forced to blog whatever she said, never to be seen again.  Just kidding.  Remember the movie "Misery?"  Anyway,  We made some adjustments to the dinghy hoist and how it is strapped down and then prepped for weighing anchor.  With the NE wind we knew the trip out into the sound, around Middle Ground and back up the other side would be wicked.  And it was.  We should have sensed that the big group of dolphins at the entrance to Walburg Creek were trying to tell us "Don't do it.  It's really rough out there you silly humans.". But we don't yet speak dolphin.  The anchored shrimp boat in Walburg Creek might have been another clue!  But hey, it appears this NE wind is never going to let up and we can't stay in Walburg Creek forever so we went for it.  Crossing the sound was a bitch.   At times we were barely making 2 knots and bucking like a wild bronco.  I was SO glad Tom checked and changed tank # 1 fuel filter.  Sv Honey Ryder hung in there and we managed to slog out and around the sound to the other side.   We proceed up the ICW to Buckhead Creek where we are anchored this evening.  It has fairly good protection from the NE and E winds.  Clouds have moved in and it is very dark all around.  We are the only ones in here.  In the Kewl category....we saw three bald eagles on our way out of Walburg Creek.  One on the St Catherine's Island shore and two really close to us on a small sandy area on Walburg Island.  Further up on the ICW near Kilkenny Creek, we saw another bald eagle very close along the ICW shoreline.  They are such fierce looking birds.  On the boat stuff front, we decided to take advantage of the strong winds by tuning on our wind generator this morning.  It started whizzing away, immediately putting 6-8 amps in our system.  Some people don't like the sound of wind generators but I don't mind ours.  This evening we enjoyed cockpit showers ( the new enclosure is awesome as it blocks all the wind) and then taco salad and fresh baked cookies.  We never got around to baking them last night.

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