Thursday, September 26, 2013

NE Wind

Skidaway Narrows Bridge
Yesterday, NE wind.  Today, NE wind.  Tomorrow?  NE Wind.  Weekend?  NE Wind.  Early next week?  NE Wind.
Hey, all you southbound're welcome!  Where are you?  Come on out.  The wind is perfect for your trip south.  But no rush as it appears the wind is never going to blow from the south again!!  Yes, we realize we are going north when most are going south.  More later on this.
*The new Skidaway Narrows Bridge is still not open yet for car traffic. 


  1. Some folks are taking advantage of the winds, as a few cruisers showed up at the marina yesterday. A little early, but the migration has started. I offer them a ride to Publix but they see my van and decline :)

    Safe travels,

    1. When you offer these rides I hope you are not wearing your shorty shorts and foul weather jacket. You've mentioned this outfit before on the blog.