Thursday, September 26, 2013

Picture Catch Up - Casting Off

We have some strong internet so I thought I would catch you all up on pictures from the last few days.  Pictures being worth $1k words and all.  Be warned, I like pics but then you all know this already if you have been following along. 
Bye BLM - Bill, Jim and Maryanne our dock neighbors

Tom stowing dock lines and fenders as we leave Brunswick GA
The UNDERWAY smile 
Ft Frederica
Our anchorage just past the fort
The marsh at our Ft Frederica anchorage
Above - Yes, we often end up anchoring this close to the marshland and yes, it's taken some getting use to for this Kansas girl.  I worry about grounding and or dragging when we swing.  But I am getting better.

Finally making the turn towards St Catherine's Sound

Weather off our starboard stern
Sunset over St Catherine's Sound - Sky is on fire
Preparing to head into St Catherine's sound in the dark
Walburg Creek anchorage looking back toward entrance to the creek
We anchored just before the turn opposite the two docks on St Cathrine's Island
Looking over Walburg Island I could spy boats traveling the ICW through the binocs 


  1. We are SO glad to see you guys underway....

  2. Thanks. We are too. Will we be seeing you two soon?