Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sabrina's Sail Loft - Meet Little Nellie

Previously I mentioned to all of you that we probably need a good James Bond'ish name for our Sailrite sewing machine.  We have decided on Little Nellie.
From "You Only Live Twice" Little Nellie, a Wallis WA-116 Agile - Q branch of course!

*Sailors not only name their boats but key pieces of equipment.  There are thousands of sailboats with autopilots named "Auto".  One of the best equipment names we've heard is on s/v Amaris.  Their anchor and rode is named "Dick Chainy".

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  1. We are so happy with our diesel we named it Yanmar-san. After a while we elevated that to Yanmar-sama.

    There was a US counterpart to the Wallis called the Benson Gyro-Copter. When I was still very new to flying, I talked a guy into letting me take his up for a spin. I had made model gyro-copters and towed them behind cars and cycles. I understood how they behaved when they worked properly. The calm, clam morning I showed up ready to go, he had, fortunately for me, changed his mind. He crashed on take-off a half hour later. Aside from road (runway?) rash he was all right, but the Benson looked like it lost a battle with hedge trimmers while plunging from a cliff. He had failed to take out a locking pin used when towing the beastie to the airport behind his car. The pin was on the checklist...