Thursday, November 13, 2014

Net Control

I was asked/prodded/guilted into becoming Thursday morning Net Control for the local VHF morning radio net here in Trinidad.  Lee on s/v Allegro had that duty previously but they sailed north a couple weeks ago.  He asked me to take his spot.  It's easy really.  There is a script which Lee emailed me and I just follow the script.  Boats call in with various things they need help on or things of interest to do and other boaters try to help them out.  As net control, I keep it organized control.  Tom assists by taking notes and helping me interpret the various boat names.  The entire sailing nations of Sweden and Norway are practically here so boat names are a challenge at times.  It's actually fun and helps us give back to this great cruising community that has helped us so much along the way.   

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  1. I wonder if Thursday is the day they always give to new net anchors? I was assigned Thursdays my first year here as well. But agree, its not too hard, and a great way of giving back to the community.