Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sabrina Sail Loft - Headsail Repair, Cushion Covers and Machine Repair

October 30, 2014
Conditions living aboard and cruising are brutal on everything.  By conditions, I am referring to heat, humidity, salt air, salt spray, and their friends, corrosion, rust, mold, mildew.  These partners in crimes against boats cause, fading, fatigue and failures.
Headsail repair

Headsail repair - again.  The sacrificial Sunbrella on our headsail is doing its job....sacrificing.  More specifically the thread it.  Sheesh.  Yes, I am using UV thread.  No, I am not using the Tenara  I use 9 the next one down from Tenara.  I think it's 92V.  Tenara is super expensive and the machine doesn't like it that much.  Too slick.
Nav station seat cushion and seat back cover
Nav seat cushion cover and back - good quality marine vinyl that I happened to have onboard AND there happened to be just enough fabric to cover.  How lucky is that!  

Cockpit cushion for Paul on s/v Sonic Boom.  Accent pillows for fun and a touch of elegance!  
s/v Sonic Boom's new cockpit cushion with accent pillows
Mosquito net for front windshield of our cockpit enclosure.  This allows us to get some breeze while keeping the mozzies at bay.....somewhat.  
New front windshield screen - easy to slap in and take out
Relocation of zipper on one of the enclosure panels.  After a full year of living with the enclosure and swearing a blue streak every time we had to use this one zipper, it now zips easily.  Amazing what 3/4 an inch did to make life so much easier in regards to the enclosure.  
Sewing machine repair man is now on the resume
Sailrite machine repair.  Tom oiled and sprayed T9 Boeshield on our machine last time I used it., here is still signs of slight rust and such.  Additionally a few things have gotten out of align. One of my greatest fears is the Sailrite machine breaking down and becoming nothing more than a heavy object onboard with the capability of decapitating someone should it ever get free.  There are three Sailrite machines on our dock alone.  This past week all three have been drug out for various projects.  All three have had various issues, challenges and repairs.  We have struggled through, helping each other by looking at each other's machines and getting advice.  Rumor has it there is a fellow cruiser that is a certified sewing machine repair person.  A valuable thing to have on your resume!  However this cruiser isn't due back in Trinidad until November 5th.  So, Tom has learned more about sewing machines than he ever wanted to know.  Me too.  We learned things we will do more or different in the future.  1.)  Use sewing machine oil liberally.  This oil is to a Sailrite machine (or any other sewing machine for that matter) like rum is to a sailor.  Liberally!  2.)  Place bobbin case, gib hook, and retaining ring in a plastic bag and oil liberally.  3.)  Oil pressure foot and plate.  4.)  Oil super wheel.  5.)  Oil underside of the machine - liberally!  6.)  Oil or dw-30 mental on handle and metal locks on the case.  Get extra(s) of the thin plate that sits on top the gib hook. 
 **Our Sailrite machine needs a James Bond name, no?

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