Saturday, November 15, 2014

Life On The Hard

Tom getting everything set up

November 3rd
There is an understand among sailors for those On The Hard.   A kind of sympathy if you will.  Everyone has to go through it at some point.  We all know who is on the hard, who has just been hauled, those out a little longer, those that have been on the hard for an extended period, and those few who have been out for years and will probably be on the hard for a few more years.
Yesterday I was talking with Claudia of s/v Inti.  She was giddy with anticipation of splashing today after two months on the hard.  While I was nervously excited to get hauled out.  Several times today we exchanged knowing glances and encouraging smiles.
Tom quickly set up a proper workbench
Others in the yard have already started stopping by to officially meet and welcome us to "the yard".  We are now part of the clan living on the hard.  However, chats are brief.  Long conversations are a big no no.  Everyone has work to be done on their own boat.  The sooner the work gets done, the sooner we can all be floating again.   Everyone is encouraging about being on the hard, the projects, the progress, the setbacks, the struggles and such.  When you get splashed (put back in the water) everyone celebrates with you.  

s/v Honey Ryder and neighbors s/v Out of Africa
As in the water, cruisers on the hard help one and other.  It might be a special drill bit or tool or something as simple as helping secure a ladder or assistance with lifting something up into the boat or down from the boat.  

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